Our snazzy new Blog is definitely a great way to keep up with all of the fun things going on in the Squarespace-a-verse, but for up-to-the-minute scoop, Twitter is really where its at.

So herewith is your guide to keeping up with all of our non-stop Squarespace Twitterverse shenanigans:

*@squarespace! You can follow us here now too. We'll include any general Squarespace announcements, fun upcoming news, and alerts about new blog posts.

*@acasalena is our Founder...and one of the few people on Twitter who actually liked their new proposed @ policy. Also, he seems to attract falling buildings.

*@daneatkinson is our CEO. And he has a very adorable dog named Freya who keeps us all company at the Squarespace office.

*@davinchew is our Director of Engineering...and he is seriously considering joining the hamburger-of-the-month club. He's also fascinated by the wild world of tugboats.

*@tyler_thompson is our Creative Director. He has some pretty strong opinions on mostly everything--but especially on well-designed and poorly designed things (potty mouth warning).

*@snookca is our Lead Developer. He always offers up some excellent marriage advice and he may unfollow you if you do this whole twitter thing wrong.

*@squaregirl is our Senior Designer. She's a fangirl, a Blip devotee and might just be tweeting a NYOMFG right N-O-W.

*@joshkill is our Information Architect, but don't let his twitter name scare you--he actually doesn't kill anyone. He also wants us to look into getting branded Squarespace skate decks.

*@erica_reitman is me!--and I'm Squarespace's Marketing Director. In the brownie vs. cupcake debate, I believe very STRONGLY that cupcakes are the right answer.

Also, you should join our Squarespace Twibe! And hang out with all of the other cool Squarespace tweeple! (ok, ok...we promise to stop doing that thing now where a "TW" gets added to every friggin word. Annoying, right).