And just in case you don’t know what that means, that’s a *very* good thing.

Earlier this month, web developer, designer, author, blogger, twitterer, and all around programming rockstar Jonathan Snook let the cat out of the bag: he’s joining the Squarespace crew!

Needless to say, everyone is pretty excited around these parts:

Anthony/@acasalena: Honored that @snookca is joining Squarespace! Going to be an incredible year.

Tyler/@tyler_thompson: Welcome aboard @snookca!

Teddy/@myfavoritething: @snookca welcome!!!

As Lead Developer, Jonathan is going to be working on a whole mess of things, helping us along as we evolve Squarespace into an evenbetterplatform. In his own words he’ll be diving into:

Lots of JavaScript development. I’ll be focused on the interface, working to improve the interactivity and continuing to build a platform that makes it easy for people to manage their own web sites.

Jonathan and Anthony spoke about teaming up years ago (back when Squarespace was being run out of Anthony’s dorm room), but the timing just wasn’t ever right. So we're all pretty excited that this has finally come full circle.

Welcome, Snook!

P.S. now that its all official, check out Jonathan on our page!