Every once in awhile, we’ll drop some of our fave quick hit Squarespace tips/tricks/hacks for all you inquiring minds that want to know…a Squarespace “duh,” if you will.

Now that we’ve all gotten chummy with our ESC key (thanks to that supafly login trick!), we thought it was time to get REAL advanced. So here’s one more trick that is sure to blow your mind: ESC + 1, 2, 3, 4 to cycle through editing modes.

The numbers correspond to the order of the editing modes, as pictured on the top of your admin screen.

So, let’s say you’re in Content Editing Mode and you want to bounce on down to Structure Editing, you’d hit ESC + 2 at the same time and BOOM! 

Or maybe you are in Structure Editing mode and you want to jump into Preview Website: ESC + 4 will get you there.

OH WAIT! You’re in Preview mode and you wanna hop on back to Content Editing mode, ESC + 1 is your ticket.

Wow, counting is actually kinda fun!

What are some of your favorite Squarespace Hacks?