Here’s the latest and greatest on all of the fun stuff going on in the Squarespace-a-verse:

Bre Pettis is human…but he makes robots that are definitely not human (we think). On Bre’s blog Things, he teaches us about all sorts of…well…things. Like crying while cutting onions and, our personal fave, the difference between a nerd and a geek.

 Bre makes lots of fun videos too. Including this one featuring Eric Skiff’s super cool binary finger counting method (which was recently featured on Wired).

Check out bre’s stats from his dug article.On the second day after moving his blog over from Wordpress, one of Bre’s vids landed on the homepage of Digg, causing a Mt. Everest spike in traffic. Needless to say, Squarespace didn’t even blink, and the Things blog kept chugging along like nothing ever happened.

Robots everywhere rejoiced!

Check out these other rad Squarespace sites:

 + Valiant Entertainment is a top 5 comic book publisher, whose characters have sold 80 million comic books and over 8 million video games. In addition, the Valiant characters are often called “the most important characters created since the Marvel revolution of the 1960s” (uh…not too shabby!).

 + Gary Rosenzweig at MacMost did a great video on how easy it is to set up a Squarespace site. He also moved his own blog,, straight on into the Squarespace-a-verse. Schwing!

 + Josh Flanagan is one of the hosts of iFanboy. And in case you didn’t get the memo, iFanboy is one of the most popular comic book podcasts on the dub dub dub. He also has an adorable dog named George and, apparently, is one of Domino Pizza’s best customers in all of Astoria. Tres impressive, Josh.

 + Area 5 TVis the site for the brand spankin new Revision3 show CO-OP. CO-OP is a weekly webisode that plans to dive head first into everything and anything going down in the world of gaming. After importing their blog to their new site, show host Matt Chandronait got the following tattooed on his arm: “we don’t need a Wordpress login anymore!” (ok, he didn’t really get that tattoo…but he SAID it! We swear!).

See ya round the Squarespace-a-verse!