Bre Pettis is human.  And also, a great new friend of Squarespace.

On Bre’s blog Things, he teaches us about all sorts of…well…things.  Like crying while cutting onions and, our personal fave, the difference between a nerd and a geek.

Bre makes lots of fun videos too, and the one above (featuring Eric Skiff’s super cool binary finger counting method), was recently featured on Wired.

We’ve been practicing the binary finger counting thing all morning in the office, and so far no one’s really gotten the hang of it. But, I changed my major in college to avoid a low level math requirement, so I’m pretty much a lost cause (I guess everyone else is just a bit slow).

Squarespace is excited to sponsor Bre’s upcoming Things videos, so stay tuned for lots more delicious geekiness (or is it nerdiness?) in the months to come.