After months of testing, re-testing, fine-tuning and development, the Squarespace iPhone App has finally been approved by both ourselves and Apple (no small feat!).  

The Squarespace iPhone app has a completely custom user interface we have developed in house that matches your Squarespace site's look and feel completely.  We've also developed the only iPhone application on any major publishing platform that contains a iPhone native statistics interface, tightly integrating your phone, your site, and your data.  The main features of the application include:

  • Posting - Snap photos on your phone, and quickly post them to your blog!  Or easily draft blog posts directly from your "Post" tab -- all of your current tags and categories will be there.
  • Content Management - All of your posts will be accessible directly from your "Manage" tab. You can edit drafts, delete posts and preview posts with ease.
  • Multiple Account Management - Your "Accounts" tab allows you to manage content for multiple Squarespace sites. You can save a draft post for one site and then easily jump to another site to schedule a post for later in the day.
  • Viewing Your Statistics - You can now view your Squarespace site statistics right from the application's statistics tab.  Unique visits, page views, popular search terms, RSS subscribers and top referrers are all included.
  • Live Site Preview - Double check your work before you click "publish" with the app's "Preview" tab. 

 We've tried to include all the best features of Squarespace in our initial release.  So, download the app and let us know what you think! 

Note:  Due to the extremely long approval times Apple requires -- we are already well into the next version of this application.  In that version, you'll have comment management and approval as well as a number of other small refinements.  We know this is a big feature, and it's coming extremely soon.