Squarespace is thrilled to build on the excitement of our iPhone app release as one of the sponsors of tonight's

Diggnation Live


Our friends Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht will be on hand, along with a huge crowd of crazy, lovable NYC geeks. The night will be filled with lots of high-flying surprises (that's a hint), and Squarespace tshirts!

We know that not everyone can make it to the actual event, but we wanted to make sure to keep you up-to-date with all the action--so we designed an awesome Squarespace site to help you do it!

Tune into throughout the day and evening to watch as we set up for the event, shadow the Squarespace girls, and enjoy the Live Diggnation show. Best of all, the site is entirely powered by our new Squarespace iPhone app, and will include posts, tweets and photos from our whole Squarespace team.

There's still time to RSVP if you'd like to come--hopefully we'll see a bunch of Squarespacers tonight!