About a month ago now our friend Kevin Rose, host of Diggnation and founder of, moved his blog to Squarespace. We were of course thrilled, but didn’t think to mention it until we noticed some pretty big stories in Digg linking back to his Squarespace site.

Posts like the one on the left, through the magic of Digg, were the #1 story in the technology section for a few hours, receiving over 3,000 diggs.  That position translates into 100,000 unique visitors to his Squarespace site in about 12 hours, with some hours reaching 10,000 hits alone.  That’s not an estimated number — it actually generates that much traffic.

Kevin’s site is using a package equivalent to the $8/month one we offer, and it stayed up and serving traffic 100% of the time.  That’s something that wouldn’t happen on a shared host running custom software without an immense amount of effort. Why?  Because we’ve already done things like implement load balancing, redundant clustered web servers, server side caching at multiple levels, proper content expiration headers, and more.  If you don’t understand what any of that means, that’s great — because we think you shouldn’t have to.