rbblog.png It is with joy in ours and our families hearts that we welcome Rolando Berrios to our team. Though you may never see a pretty image, template or boring business blurb from him, his presence will be behind every second of every day we keep our 99.98% uptime.

Rolando Berrios (a SenseNet alumnus) has been a systems engineer and developer working at internet companies for a long time now. His work experience includes several high profile web sites, including TD Ameritrade, the and where he was responsible for maintaining and improving upon the infrastructure of some of the most visited sites on the internet. Prior to joining Squarespace, he played a major role in developing a stable systems platform for Vidavee, which was subsequently sold to Vignette. Throughout his career he’s been focused on increasing availability, uptime, and scalability, always striving for the perfect night of uninterrupted rest.


The Squarespace Team