It is with much excitement indeed that we would like to announce a new and sparkling addition to our team here at Squarespace…(drumroll please)…meet Tyler Thompson, our new Creative Director!

Some of you may already be familiar with Tyler’s work, as he is no stranger to Squarespace. In fact he’s been a member since 2003 and has designed over 50 sites on Squarespace. From experimenting with graffiti art in the Northwest to fine arts school to package design, Tyler has been immersed in the design world on a variety of levels. His impeccable aesthetic has won him multiple awards and international recognition. After admiring his web designs over the years, we realized what an awesome addition to our team Tyler & his mad skills would make. Fortunately, Tyler agreed (whew!)

You can view his most recent work on the site we just launched, check it out!

We are absolutely thrilled to have Tyler on board, and you can expect to see some seriously awe-inspiring work emanating from Mr. Thompson’s direction in the near future.


The Squarespace Team