We’re insanely excited to announce the first billion dollar company using the Squarespace platform for their website — a big welcome Marc Ecko Enterprises (the global fashion/clothing brand). Check out:

Which is a Squarespace site just like ours and yours, using the same technologies, on the same platform. And for those interested, here’s how dead on we were with respect to keeping the design of the original non-Squarespace implementation:

It’s of course more functional and scalable on our service than the hacked-CMS that ran it prior.

Another very interesting point: There was no cheating in this conversion — and by that I mean this conversion was done with absolutely no modifications to our base XHTML templates, no special Javascript or hosting, and no special backend code. That’s right. No rewriting of our core code — not even a single line, and the site matches up that closely. This is what V5 is all about.