Wow — what an incredible night.

Our first Squarespace event was a monumental success, drawing over 150 amazing people to our new offices in SoHo on Friday night. Most stayed quite a while, and the crowd was lingering fully past midnight. I was completely stunned at the turnout and I’d like to thank all of you for coming out!

When I started Squarespace 5 years ago, and even just a year ago before our NYC team was formed, I never imagined we’d be at this point. The best part about the event, for myself — was that it didn’t feel like a tech event to me. The crowd that came out spanned industries. Everyone who came out was incredibly diverse and talented. and it was a very validating experience to see that what we’re working for is attracting the sort of people that are so inspiring to us. Something is going right.

We’ll be posting pictures of the event here Monday. Thanks again to everyone who showed up, and if you didn’t say come say hi this time, please do next time!