We sincerely apologize for the sparse updates around here. In all honestly, it’s not that we’ve been lazy or forgetful, we’ve just been crazy, crazy busy. Those of you who subscribe to our service blog, frequent your Dashboard, or just pay attention in general have probably noticed there’s been a whole lot going on at Squarespace.

First, our programming team has developed a gorgeous new traffic system has been in development for a long time. It’s not just a pretty interface either — you’ll find the data to be more accurate and up to date with real time calculations of unique visitors, popular pages, referrers and queries, details like browsers and operating systems, and new RSS details such as how your subscriber count has changed over time.

There’s been a ton of other improvements and new features added in the last few months with the 4.1 and 4.1.1 releases. If you haven’t had caught up on it all yet, you’ll definitely want to make time to be sure you’re using all of the tools now available to you.

You may have noticed there’s been more layouts added in recent months as well. My newest, Playlist, addresses some requests we’ve seen come up in support tickets. There’s a wider content area (and a smaller sidebar), flexible padding settings (making it easier to add your own custom banner), and unobtrusive styling/graphics that won’t compete with your own site content, images or design enhancements.

We’ve also been working with talented designers and illustrators on layouts, including the Penelope and Katie layouts from Daphne & Clio, I Am Satisfied from Job Design, and Sunakku from Wolfgang Bartelme. These layouts address customer requests for designs as customized as some of our more advanced example sites. With these layouts, you can create a highly customized, graphically enhanced site without having to employ a designer or learn CSS.

Well, that about catches us up for now. We’ve made it a New Year resolution to post here more frequently, and I personally will be sharing some “behind the scenes” action in future posts. Stay tuned!