You’ve probably read it many times in many different ways, including here: content is king. Adding new writing and lots of it can keep your site growing, in size and in number of visitors. But not just any words will do. Compelling, interesting, and original content is necessary to increase readership and make your hard work worthwhile. How do you create top notch writing on a deadline?


Seek Inspiration

Struggling just to fill space on a web page isn’t much fun and probably won’t result in great content. Instead, read a lot and write a little. This will give you the opportunity to get inspired, even if you are on a deadline. Most importantly, if you can’t think of anything to say, take a break and come back to it later. If you don’t start out with a clear idea to get across, the resulting content won’t be worth posting anyway.


Edit, Edit, and Edit

There are an amazing number of websites out there in cyberspace with typos and obvious grammatical errors. If you don’t think enough of your work to look it over before posting, why is it worth someone else’s time to read it? I can’t say enough for the value of posting edited content. It doesn’t take long and it makes a world of difference.



Make your words count by choosing them carefully and getting right to the point. Look for what can be removed. Is there a more efficient way to say what you mean? Is your text riddled with unnecessary modifiers? Don’t shy away from the delete button. Blog entries don’t have to be long. Each blog post should have one main point. Make your point and cut out the fluff; you may be surprised at the difference it makes.