Welcome to the launch of Squarespace Insider!


This blog is meant to be a companion to the Squarespace Service Blog. Here, we’ll discuss our industry, talk about where we’re headed, and give some insight into how we think about our products and services. On the service blog, we’ll be posting release notes related to actual service updates and post maintenance schedules and the like.


I’d like to introduce myself as well (for those of you whom I haven’t spoken with already!). My name is Anthony Casalena — and I founded Squarespace a bit over 3 years ago. Anyone who’s been interfacing with Squarespace has likely run across my name on your support tickets at some point. Also joining me on this blog will be Krystyn Jones (our Senior Designer) and a host of other contributors.


Running Squarespace has been an incredible experience — we’ve gone from “trying out” $100 on Google ads and gaining 3 customers in our first month, to a network of thousands of sites that serves more than 70 million hits per month (across our entire network) with rock-solid reliability. We’ve made a number of extremely specific decisions regarding our pricing, feature set, and software presentation that has allowed us to grow so nicely. Sharing these stories and decisions, as well as engaging in a discussion about where things are going, is the next step in the evolution of our company.


I hope you’ll all take a moment to glance at what we’re doing here and engage.