10 Years. 10 Details. 10 Lifetime Accounts.

To celebrate 10 years of Squarespace and our first Super Bowl ad, we're giving away 10 free lifetime Squarespace accounts to viewers who can find our favorite details in the 60-second version of our commercial.  

The 60-second spot is packed with Internet references (74 of them, by our count). Everything from an anti-virus salesman to a CAPTCHA, representing some of the random (and scary) things that occupy the modern web. We've picked 10 of our favorite details from the ad, and we’d like you to try and guess what they are. We'll be giving away 10 free lifetime Squarespace accounts to those who can correctly identify one of the references we’ve picked.

To enter, just tweet a picture of the detail you think we’ve selected from our 60-second Super Bowl spot with the hashtags #abetterweb and #superbowl. It can be anything from a character to a billboard to, well, even a cat.

Here’s an example:

If you're a current Squarespace user, your account will be made free for life. If you are not a Squarespace customer yet, your account will be comped for life when you register. Winners will be announced Monday, February 3rd.

Happy hunting!


How do I enter?

Post a tweet with the hashtags #abetterweb #superbowl and include a screenshot of a single character, billboard, or other reference from our 60-second Super Bowl spot

Can I enter multiple times?

Yes, though you can only enter once per reference. If you find all 10 details, your odds of winning in the random drawing are greater. However, each individual can only win once.

How are winners chosen?

From our Twitter stream, we will randomly select a single tweet that corresponds to each reference we’ve selected. We will only count tweets that contain “#abetterweb” and “#superbowl”.

What will I receive?

You will receive a Squarespace Business account for life, which gives you full access to every current  and future feature.

How do I claim my prize?

On Monday, after we announce the winners, someone from our social media team will be in touch with you to notify you of your free account. If you’re already registered with us, your site will be made free for life. If you’re not, we’ll help you sign up for one.