Introducing Conversion Metrics for Squarespace Analytics

You’ve put time and attention into your website, considering every detail along the way. Now find out which elements are working and how you can further optimize your content.

New Conversion Metrics for Squarespace Analytics allow you to gauge the performance of buttons and forms to gain insight into how and where visitors engage with your website.

Measure performance

Understand how visitors contact you, book your services, join your mailing list, RSVP to an event — and more.

  • Pinpoint engagement - Determine where your visitors are most likely to fill out forms and click on buttons.
  • Spot patterns - Track button clicks and form submissions to discover trends over time.
  • Filter by device - See which devices visitors use to engage with your website and optimize your content accordingly.

Take action

Surfacing conversion-optimization opportunities empowers you to make informed changes to the forms and buttons on your website and test alternative versions with confidence.

  • Perfect your placement - Experiment with button and form location, whether it’s across your website or within a page.
  • Choose words wisely - Optimize button text by viewing which calls-to-action perform best and drive visitors to click.
  • Style strategically - Test different styling options, such as fonts and colors, to call attention to interactive content.

Conversion metrics are now available on the Business, Commerce Basic, and Advanced plans. If you have any questions about this feature, check out our Help guide or contact our Customer Care Team anytime.